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Can I uninstall and (re)install the sandbox?

Since yesterday, i am facing a strange problem with my hadoop server.

Before i did not have a problem because i can do tutorials until lab 4 on spark. I cannot access the web ssh through the port 4200 Ambari login is failing through the port 8080 I cannot access the welcome page of the sandbox through the port 8888 I tried a ping on the sandbox using its IP adress but no response. The command as "su hive" "psql" or "ambari-admin-password-reset" are not known. I have search on the forum and not found a solution to my problem. I am suspecting that my server fall down and want to reinstall the sandbox again. Can I unistall and reinstall or is there a simple way to do a sort of "installation repair"?

I am actually using the sandbox hdp 2.5 under the virtualbox. Thanks a lot for your answer. Please find the screens related to this problem







Have you left the Sandbox running for long periods of time? There is limited disk space in the Sandbox and it may be having space issues. You can log directly into the OS via ssh -p 2122 root@localhost or into the Docker container via ssh -p 2222 root@localhost to see if you can clean up some logs.

You can easily reinstall the sandbox by deleting it from Virtualbox and then re-importing the appliance. However, You will lose any work you've done.

Thanks, I have already install again and evrything is going well! I am now facing a problem with zeppelin connection on tutorial/lab5. I have already posted the question.

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Bonjour, je dispose d'un PC portable HP i3 12 Go RAM. J'ai installé la sandbox Hortonworks via Oracle VM et en lancant la sandbow j'objet l'erreur en PJ ("server not yet listening on http port 8080 after 50 seconds. After this, the process continues but the sandbox can't finished to be launched (see capture 2). Some know how can i solve it?capture.pngcapture2.png