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Can Nifi remove a message from a topic/queue after reading it?


I am using Nifi to connect to IBM MQ. Could Nifi read, and remove a message from a IBM topic/queue?



Thanks for the quick reply. I read the article and it confirmed that nifi can read from IBM MQ. Can nifi delete the message after read it?


Hi Andy, I am having the same questions as you. I don't see a reply below at the end of the thread. Were you able to figure out if NIFI remove message from IBM queue?


@Andy Liang

JMS specification states that acknowledgment mode property determines when the message on JMS server is deleted.

The default is Client ACK mode which deletes the message on the server after NiFi session is committed. Auto ack mode removes the message on the server as soon as its delivered to NiFi, but there can be messages loss if NiFi restarts before NiFi session is committed. The last is DUPS_OK which is similar to CLIENT_ACK, but lazily acks the message, can result in Duplicate message to be delivered to NiFi.

In all these cases the message will be deleted from JMS Queue/Topic.


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