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Can anyone guide me from where I can learn hive on hortonworks step by step?

I am new to this field and want to learn hive on hortonworks.I am not getting any good tutorials.please post some good link which is easy to understand.


@Jay SenSharma Above mentioned links I have gone through.Apart from these links any other materials or links do u have?

Super Mentor

@Jay SenSharma thanks!

How to kill any job which is running in hive.?I am unable to do so .one query is running from last 2 hours and m not able to kill it.

I tried many shell scripts like mpred job -kill<jobid> this many commands but its not working.


@pooja shrivastava

Did you try ?

yarn application -list

yarn application -kill <Application_ID>

@nshetty ..Yes I tried but it didnt work.

@pooja shrivastava

You have to try Hive programming from Oreilly. Its really good and will provide you in sights about hive. Hope it helps!

Hello pooja shrivastava.

I recomend you the exam-objetives for HDPCA CERTIFICATION. You will find in the Data Transformation section, all related to hive. Next of that you have in aws the practice lab apply this practice.

Best regards,

Martin Gatto

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