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Can not start the cloudera manager

New Contributor

Hi Cloudera Team,


I installed the cloudera quick start vm with virtualbox, my computer has windows 10 home, 64 bit. I also asigned the image 9 GB Memory, but I can still  not start the cloudera manager.


It always shows me the page: "connecting to cloudera manager" with the content "Attempting to connect to Cloudera Manager". 


I have no idea, what's the problem....


New Contributor

It looks like I found the solution, but after that, I can not connect the hue any more...


I click the "Launch Cloudera Express" icon in desktop, the cloudera manager webinterface works suddenly.  But after that, a strange problem comes. I can not connect the hue, it shows the "Unable to connect"


What is the problem? I already closed the Cloudera Express and loged out from cloudera manager web interface...

Master Collaborator
When you start CM it does not start every CDH service (since most users
don't have enough memory to reliably run every single service without
problems). You'll need to log in to CM and start the Hue service and any
other services you intend to use (e.g. HDFS, Impala, etc.)


The problem is I am not able to login to CM. So I can't start Hue either

New Contributor

Not sure if you still finding an answer for your query, if yes


Try this:


1. Open a terminal window

2. service-cloudera-scm-agent start

3. If it says, cloudera-scm-agent is already running, you are good to go

4. Launch the page http://quickstart.cloudera:7180 with username and password both as cloudera