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Can someone share the video link or website link to configure Nagios to monitor HDP 2.5 cluster.


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You can refer to some videos available on youtube as : (I have not tested the steps mentioned in this link personally)

However it is better to use Ambari Metrics Collector for Hortonworks HDP monitoring. It alos offers Grafana to visualize the statistics and metrics in more useful manner.

In Earlier version of Ambari used to include the plugin capability with Nagios and Ganglia however those were removed due to following limitations.

- Ganglia has limited capabilities for analyzing historic data, new plugins are not easy to write.

- Horizontal scale out for large clusters.

- No support for adhoc queries.

- Not easy to add metrics support for new services added to the stack.

- It is non trivial to hook up existing time series databases like OpenTSDB to store raw data forever.

So recommended way is to use AMS (Ambari Metrics Collector Service).

Using Grafana:



Adding to Jay's reply, Ganglia and Nagios are not supported starting HDP 2.3 versions and Ambari Metrics Collector is recommended to use instead.