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Can't Run Map-reduce Example


I have installed HDP 2.6.5 cluster using two machines.

I tryied to run the mapreduce example deployed with installation using following steps:

  1. Log into HDFS user : su - hdfs
  2. calling the wordcount jar file: hadoop jar /usr/hdp/ wordcount /user/dev_whorchani/testing.txt /user/dev_whorchani/output

The job can't run and i got the following message in yarn interface:

Log Aggregation StatusNOT_START
Diagnostics:[Sat Feb 09 10:40:57 +0100 2019] Application is added to the scheduler and is not yet activated. Queue's AM resource limit exceeded. Details : AM Partition = <DEFAULT_PARTITION>; AM Resource Request = <memory:1024, vCores:1>; Queue Resource Limit for AM = <memory:5120, vCores:1>; User AM Resource Limit of the queue = <memory:5120, vCores:1>; Queue AM Resource Usage = <memory:5120, vCores:5>;
Unmanaged Application:false

I tryied to increase the AM Queue in YARN, after change the node manager can't start so i roll-back the first setting of the scheduler.

What should I do to run a mapreduce job?

Many thanks in advance.


Cloudera Employee



From the diagonstiics it was mentioning  Queue's AM resource limit exceeded, Hence try reducing the AM Resource limit and re run the job.




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