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Can't Run Map-reduce Example


Can't Run Map-reduce Example

New Contributor


I have installed HDP 2.6.5 cluster using two machines.

I tryied to run the mapreduce example deployed with installation using following steps:

  1. Log into HDFS user : su - hdfs
  2. calling the wordcount jar file: hadoop jar /usr/hdp/ wordcount /user/dev_whorchani/testing.txt /user/dev_whorchani/output

The job can't run and i got the following message in yarn interface:

Log Aggregation StatusNOT_START
Diagnostics:[Sat Feb 09 10:40:57 +0100 2019] Application is added to the scheduler and is not yet activated. Queue's AM resource limit exceeded. Details : AM Partition = <DEFAULT_PARTITION>; AM Resource Request = <memory:1024, vCores:1>; Queue Resource Limit for AM = <memory:5120, vCores:1>; User AM Resource Limit of the queue = <memory:5120, vCores:1>; Queue AM Resource Usage = <memory:5120, vCores:5>;
Unmanaged Application:false

I tryied to increase the AM Queue in YARN, after change the node manager can't start so i roll-back the first setting of the scheduler.

What should I do to run a mapreduce job?

Many thanks in advance.


Re: Can't Run Map-reduce Example

Cloudera Employee



From the diagonstiics it was mentioning  Queue's AM resource limit exceeded, Hence try reducing the AM Resource limit and re run the job.