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Can't access Hue dashboards after saving

Can't access Hue dashboards after saving


Running CDH 6.1.1.


When I create a Hue Dashboard - drag and drop elements on, they display data from the collection as expected.


When I save the Dashboard, I can see it in the file browser, but when I reload it from the file browser none of the elements load (i.e., no data appears) - the drop-down with the list of collections does not load (i.e., this saved dashboard can't see any of my collections).


Where are the dashboards stored? Might it be OS level permissions that prevent me from accessing them?


This may be related to my other issue:


which seems to be just another permissions issue - so not sure if these should be posted under sentry instead.


Re: Can't access Hue dashboards after saving

New Contributor

Hello @mmcd,

Did you find a solution to this issue?We are facing the same problem.


Thank you.