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Can't activate Accumulo 1.6 parcel in CDH 5.1


Can't activate Accumulo 1.6 parcel in CDH 5.1

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I'm running the cloudera-quickstart-vm- VM (released 21 July). I started the Cloudera Manager and used it download and activate the Accumulo 1.6.0-1.cdh5.1.0.p0.51 parcel. When I try to activate I get the error below.


My question is what am I missing? Does this VM work with Accumulo 1.6 or not?


The logs didn't tell me much:


7:31:13.335 AMINFO[1999719658@scm-web-26:components.ParcelManagerImpl@223]
Activating parcel ACCUMULO:1.6.0-1.cdh5.1.0.p0.51 on cluster Cloudera QuickStart - C5
7:31:13.347 AMWARN[1999719658@scm-web-26:cmf.WebController@68]
Failed to activate parcel ACCUMULO:1.6.0-1.cdh5.1.0.p0.51 for cluster DbCluster{id=1, name=Cloudera QuickStart - C5}






cloudera accumulo problem.png


Re: Can't activate Accumulo 1.6 parcel in CDH 5.1


Thanks for trying Accumulo! Unfortunately, the quickstart VM is build using "packages" (i.e. RPMs) instead of parcels, and is not compatible with the Accumulo parcel. However, you can use the Accumulo 1.6 packages and still manage your cluster with CM.


You will need to follow these installation instructions. Since you are using packages, follow the alternate steps in the first note, copied here for clarity:

You may also use Cloudera Manager to manage the Accumulo 1.6 service when installing packages. To do so, follow Steps 1 and 2 under Install Apache Accumulo from Distribution Packages. During the package installation sub-step of Step 2, follow the instructions for All client hosts only. In particular, do not install any of the role-specific packages such as accumulo-master, accumulo-monitor, and so on.
After the package installation, return to Step 3: Configure HDFS below to continue installing the Accumulo 1.6 service.

Let us know if this works for you!

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