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Can't connect to Spark Cluster from RStudio




Trying to connect to Spark Cluster from RStudio on local machine.

I go to set up the connection. From the drop down menu for "Master:", I choose "Cluster'' and then I receive this message attached.

Connecting with a remote spark cluster requires an RStudio server instance...

I am very new to this. Can anyone shed any light on how to overcome this problem?



Expert Contributor

I havn't used R studio.

But if you are looking for a notebook to launch spark jobs, then you can give a try to Apache Zeppelin.

HDP comes bundled with zeppelin and you can install it as a service on the cluster.

Please use to install zeppelin using ambari.

Once you have zeppelin, you can use 'R interpreter' and start interacting with spark.

Steps to configure R interpreter :

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