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Can't find the right place to add custom NiFi processor - read other articles already.

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Attempting to add a custom NiFi processor for Neo4j graph database (from GitHub)

Setup is as follows

  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04 VM
  • Docker (through PuTTY serial console on a windows laptop)
  • Docker Compose with both NiFi and Neo4j services up, started and working
  • Using Firefox for NiFi and Neo4j browsers.

After reading multiple articles, found out i need to add the custom .nar to this path:


When i login to the vm with SCP client I can't find this directory; therefore cannot add the custom .nar to the right place.

Please help, this project is driving me insane ;|

Kind regards.



I don't know how you are doing docker, or if you are using HDF or just apache nifi, but Apache nifi is put in /opt/nifi

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Can you share the nar file. I am looking to try the same. 

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@Ankscribe Please do not respond on old threads,  just make a new one.  That said,  after putting the custom processor into the right place in nifi, you have to delete work directory and restart nifi.  See this comment: