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Can't log in Atlas with holger_gov or raj_ops on HDP 3.0.1 Sandbox


I was planning to do some experimenting with Atlas on my HDP 3.0.1 sandbox for my blog.


I've got Atlas running without errors. (I've got most other components running except Storm, Knox, Zeppelin Notebook, Data Analytics Studio, Druid and Superset)


But I can't log in as holger_gov or raj_ops or any other user. I keep getting "Invalid User credentials. Please try again."


I've checked permissions in Ranger and even added raj_ops as admin in Atlas. That did not matter. I could not get holger_gov added, because that user was unknown in Ranger.


What am I missing here?



It's okay. I'm just going to use an older HDP version of which I do know the password.

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