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Can't run active name node for my HDFS in HA mode


Can't run active name node for my HDFS in HA mode

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I am trying to restart my HDFS service in a HA mode using a 3 node cluster whihc has kerberos enables.when I rub below command:

when I rub below command:

[hdfs@node1 root]$ hdfs dfs -df
18/10/23 22:14:41 WARN security.UserGroupInformation: Not attempting to re-logi since the last re-login was attempted less than 60 seconds before. Last Login=540293238712 18/10/23 22:14:43 WARN ipc.Client: Couldn't setup connection for hdfs-bazarganilab@BAZARGANI.COM to GSS initiate failed [Caused by GSSException:No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Ticket expired (32) - PROCESS_TS)]

hdfs-bazargani_lab@BAZARGANI.COM is the alias for my HDFS, I have three nodes named master, node1, and node2.