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Can't start HDP VM on VMWare

New Contributor

Hi everyone....

I've downloaded the HDP 2.6 for vmware and for some reason the VM doesn't start.

I'm currently running the VM with a vmware 6.5 esxi compatibility and 16gb of ram (on my computer didn't work either with workstation 12).

The vm stays a lot of time (few hours) on Starting SandboxContainer and after that, stucks in Cleaning temp files (2 steps ahead).

I must say that i needed to download the image at least 5 times because everytime i've tried to open it, i've got a warning about a mismatch.

Any ideas of what could be happening?




Expert Contributor

which steps got this error :

-sandbox loaded successfully on VMs. ?

-after loading, you are getting any error message ?

can you share the screen shot, it may help to understand and further action.

New Contributor

For some reason now works but i got stuck at setting a static ip address inside the vm. Do you know the username and password? and how to change it?


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The login for the machine is root/hadoop on port 22 ( the host machine ) or the interface window of the vmware player.

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After a lot of trouble i got the machine up and running in my vmware vcenter environment.

I've followed the steps here to set a static ip:

I would love to see the sandbox with a starter app that asks your ip configuration and to have vmtools installed.

Thanks for your help.