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Can't start nodemanager when start YARN

New Contributor
I just install the Cloudera Manage 5.8.2, and install CDH5.8.2 by parcel(CDH-5.8.2-1.cdh5.8.2.p0.3-el6.parcel). When starting the yarn service, it failed. The log is "Error found before invoking supervisord: dictionary update sequence element #97 has length 1; 2 is required"."Failed to perform First Run of services.". Had any one met this before?

Cloudera Employee


Can you try restarting CM agent using the following cmd:

# service cloudera-scm-agent restart


Then restart NM from CM. Let me know if that works.


Note: do not start CM agent using /etc/init.d script directly

New Contributor
Hi , Its worked for me . Thanks a lot