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Can we query the sources by querying the metadata through Atlas?


Suppose metadata is already captured from sources and stored in Atlas, is it possible to query the sources by querying the metadata in Atlas?

It may sound vague but I need some idea so that I can design the system accordingly.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.


Hi @Bilal Arshad - could you explain what you mean by "query the sources by querying the metadata"?

Atlas has a fully featured API, documented here in case that helps?

Super Guru

Yes you can query "sources" which have been captured in atlas. Atlas sources are of type. You can query all types. for example hive_table is a type. a instance of a hive_table like customer_table is a entity. all this may be queried via rest api


Hi @Ana Gillan - I know we can query the metadata stored in Atlas via the REST API or the or via the Atlas UI. Based on that metadata stored is it possible to query the sources of that metadata? Is there some linkage available in Atlas that allows the user to do so?