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Can we see Kafka in Ambari?


Hi there,

I know how to Kafka broker configuration properties in Ambari. But, Not sure, How to check Consumer properties in Amabari.

I would appreciate your reply on this.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Can we see Kafka in Ambari?


Yes it does not. Default created by Ambari does not has any cluster specific information. Here is what I found in my setup.

# timeout in ms for connecting to zookeeper
#consumer group id
#consumer timeout   

If you wish to run kafka console consumer and are looking for arguments for a command such as:

/usr/hdp/current/kafka-broker/bin/ --bootstrap-server --topic topic --new-consumer --security-protocol PLAINTEXTSASL --from-beginning --timeout-ms 2000

You will be able to find this using ambari.