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Can we user Multiple UserGroupInformation (ugi) objects to authenticate with kerberized hadoop?

New Contributor

I need to authenticate two different HDFS cluster with different realms. But only one works fine when I instantiate another UGI object it gives the error

UserGroupInformation.loginUserFromKeytab(Principal , keytab path);

it works fine when I have single Service Principal Name

But when I have multiple SPN having different realm it gives an error

My User 1 and User 2 belongs to different Realms

SPN1 - "hdfs/user1@ALICE.ABC.COM" SPN2 - "hdfs/user2@BOB.ABC.COM"

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal principal name$NoMatchingRule: No rules applied

But DEFAULT rule is there in both the cases

I also heard about Multiple UGI in this document

Using Multiple UGI

UserGroupInformation.loginUserFromKeytabAndReturnUGI(user, keytab);

But it also gives the same error how do I achieve these