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Cannot Access API




We have several clusters, and there is one where I cannot access the API.  For example, if I go to:




I get this:


No webpage was found for the web address: https://<hostname>:7183/api/v19/hosts

Is there an option to enable the API?  I have not found documentation about it.
Michael Reynolds


You should be able to access it via HTTP on port 7180 (using basic auth).


I'm not sure if HTTPS is available at all.  Is 7183 supposed to be for HTTPS?


You will find API help in the Manager... upper right> Support > API Documentation / API Explorer.   This is on 6.0.  Not sure about other version.

Master Collaborator
Are you sure you have enabled TLS? Try http:// xx 7180


I found what's going on.  The cluster for which I could not access the API is using V17, while the others are V19, even though all CDH versions are all 5.12.x.  After changing V19 to V17 in the URL, I can now access the API.  I wonder why the version is different.


Michael Reynolds


Super Guru



CDH version does not impact the Cloudera Manager version level; rather, it is the Cloudera Manager version that dictates what API versions are available.  To view your CM version, in CM, navigate to Support --> About

The pop-up window will show you what version of CM you have.


It sounds as if one of your clusters may have a more recent version of Cloudera Manager but an older version of CDH (which is fine).

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