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Cannot access Oozie Web UI in 6.2.0

Cannot access Oozie Web UI in 6.2.0


Seems oozie web UI is broken in 6.2.0 (using parcels)

   After a fresh install I downloaded 

ext-2-.2 to /var/lib/oozie 

and then did a 

chown -R oozie:oozie /var/lib/oozie/ext-2.2

then in the web ui I checked

Enable Oozie Server Web Console

and then restarted Oozie.  The oozie web url still does not work.  

What else am I missing.   I did check around the community and see this was an issue in 6.1 as well.


[root@cdh-utility-1 oozie]# ls -l
total 988
drwxr-xr-x  9 oozie oozie    4096 Aug  4  2008 ext-2.2
-rw-r--r--. 1 oozie oozie 1004840 Jan 24 00:26 mysql-connector-java.jar