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Cannot find or activate impala on CDH 5.6




I have CDH 5.6 installed with Cloudera manager.

I need to work with Impala but it does not seem to work.

I read that in this release Impala should come build-in, but I can't find it.


First of all, it is not in the services list. Second, if I try to connect with impala-shell it cannot connect to any of my nodes. It seems that impalad is not running at all in my cluster.


Then I go to parcels and try to activare it (after successfuly downloading and distributing it). Then it fails with this message: "Release CDH(5.6.0-1.cdh5.6.0.p0.45) replaces release IMPALA(2.1.0-1.impala2.0.0.p0.1995)."


So do I have an active Impala or not ? and if not then how can I install and activate it ?


Thank you