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Cannot get HiveServer2 Interactive to start (LLAP Starting up with AppId=application_1501335737720_0014. Started 0/3 instances)


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Can you post the Ambari console log for the operation and application logs for application_1501335737720_0014?

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Can you also post application logs for application_1501335737720_0013?

Can you attach the hive-server2-interactive.err and hiveserver2Interactive.log from /var/log/hive?

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@Aaron Dunlap

You may want to check the Number of executors per LLAP Daemon and and make sure that they match. If the threadpool.size is set to 2 ensure that the Number of executors is also set to 2 via Ambari and restart the service after saving the config.

Both those fields match, however they are both set to 25.

@Aaron Dunlap Your executors per daemon should equal the number of cores. In your environment this value should be 16. Try reducing it and start LLAP.

Also, are you able to read the slider file:


The error points to a corrupt file.

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