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Cannot modify at runtime



I am trying to connect to Hive using Talend , but getting below error :-

Cannot modify at runtime.

[FATAL]: dev_workspace.job_prod_fmly_d_0_1.job_PROD_FMLY_D - tHiveConnection_1 Error while processing statement: Cannot modify at runtime. It is not in list of params that are allowed to be modified at runtime

Please suggest action needed here.


@Vinitkumar Pandey

Are you using any Ranger or Standard SQL Authorizations? If yes, they are not allowing some properties to be changes at runtime.

New Contributor

You can modify by setting this property value ""


@D Gaur what value do we need to set to the property

New Contributor

Hey @Sriram,

You can set property value which you want to modify at run time in hiveserver2-site.xml.

e.g if you want to modify hive driver name and connection url at run time then you can set like







@D Gaur ....Sorry to bother you and I am novice in this terminology and could you please provide me an example with little bit more explanation around it, it is really appreciated.

Also, as a work around I disabled HS2 authorization using Ambari and it has helped me to get rid of the issue.

But would like to know how to give values and I am novice over here.

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Can you attach screen shot of error scenario ?