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Cannot reach Web UI, only Master UI

Cannot reach Web UI, only Master UI


Hello, when running spark jobs, I can access the master UI (port 8080 one) no problem. However, I'm confused as to how to access the web UI to see jobs/tasks/stages/etc.

I can access the master UI at http://<master-node>:8080. But port 4040 gives me a -connection cannot be reached-.

Is the web UI http://<master-node>; with a port of 4040?

I'm running my Spark job sshed onto a cluster machine and submitting it to a master node part of the cluster. I heard of ssh tunneling; is that relevant here? Thank you!


Re: Cannot reach Web UI, only Master UI

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@jestin ma

Can you check if you are able to access spark job history UI using port 18080? I'm not expert in Spark but can you check below documentation if there are any additional settings.

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