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Cannot start OpenTSDB as Service. Manually (with /build/tsdb tsd) I can start it


I have very very strange issue so any help will be highly appreiciated. On one server I can start OpenTSDB manually and as service. On second server I did SCP to copy the opentsdb.config file, and opentsdb service script from init.d and from that other server I can start sucessfully opentsdb using the command:

build/tsdb tsd --port=4243 --config=/etc/opentsdb.config

But if I try to start it as service, in the same way like on the first server I am getting this in /var/log/opentsdb

out log:

tsdb.local is included JVMARGS =  -DLOG_FILE_PREFIX=/var/log/opentsdb/opentsdb -enableassertions -enablesystemassertions -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError=/opt/opentsdb/tools/ -Xms4096m -Xmx16196m

err log:

/opt/opentsdb/build/tsdb: line 117: exec: java: not found

How is this possible? I definitely have java because I can run OpenTSDB manually as I said. Only difference is that for some reason I cannot start service on this second server while the same script I can run on first service. Please help for this strange situation, if anyone also had the similar situation! Thanks