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Cannot terminate failed Cloudera Director deployment

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In this example, Cloudera Director fails to deploy all master instances in Azure.  I've seen this happen occassionally, with subsequent redeploys completing successfully.  However, this time I cannot terminate the cluster because Cloudera Director appears to be confused about the fact that the master instances do not exist - at least, that's my guess.  Also, about 1 minute into the termination attempt I see the following error:


 ERROR [p-44256946bec7-DefaultTerminateClusterJob] 3e44d1dd-563d-4c30-ac83-f273e5277e44 DELETE /api/v11/environments/Evil/deployments/Evil-1/clusters/EvilCorp-1 com.cloudera.launchpad.cleanup.WaitForInstancesTermination - c.c.l.pipeline.util.PipelineRunner: Attempt to execute job failed
java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Not all instances terminated in 20 MINUTES as expected

Note the "20 minutes" - again, this is one minute into the termination attempt. 


We need a force delete option which will allow director to continue to delete all assets that it can, skipping those that it cannot.  I realize this could be dangerous - hence the "force" nomenclature.  As it is, I'm ending up with a stack a failed termination attempts of failed deployments.


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Are there currently orphaned resources (such as instances) in Azure? If so, can you try deleting them manually and then trying to terminate the deployment via the Cloudera Director UI?


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You're thinking along the same lines I was.  That was the first thing I tried after clearning out resources in Azure, but to no avail.  Termination still fails.   This operation was much more robust on the AWS side whenever deployments failed.  

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