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Case like statement in HBASE

Hi guys,

In sql I have a case statement like below:

select col1, (case when col2=28 then true else false) from employer

which returns as follows

col1 value, True

col2 Value,False

Do we have the same in hbase

for example if the value is found then it should return true.If the value is not found it should return false.

Can we achieve this HBASE query?



Re: Case like statement in HBASE

Super Guru

@prasad raju

It is not possible with Hbase query but you can Hive/Phoenix table on top of Hbase table using Hbase storage handler/phoenix storage handler.

This feature allows Hive QL/SQL statements to access Hbase tables for both read (SELECT) and write (INSERT). It is even possible to combine access to HBase tables with native Hive/Phoenix tables.

For more details regarding Hbase Shell commands go through this and this links

Refer this to create Hive-Hbase tables.

Refer this and this links to create Phoenix-Hbase tables.


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