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Catalog server publishing update with a delay after refresh


When a refresh command is fired in Impala over a table, the table gets refreshed with following logs in the catalogd : 


Refreshing table metadata: XXXXXX

I0517 09:11:17.238642 13238] Incrementally loading table metadata for: XXXXXX
I0517 09:11:17.251282 13238] Loading file and block metadata for 1050 paths for table XXXXXX using a thread pool of size 5
I0517 09:11:17.345129 13238] Loaded file and block metadata for XXXXXX
I0517 09:11:17.345355 13238] Incrementally loaded table metadata for: XXXXXX
I0517 09:11:17.345435 13238] Refreshed table metadata: XXXXXX
other metadata activities on other tables
I0517 09:15:53.448909 106386]Publishing update: TABLE:XXXXX@104793


Notice that there is a significant delay before the refresh on the table gets published to daemons. I am seeing the following error on queries which try to access that in the mean time before the publish update is fired.


File 'hdfs://XXXXXXXXXXXXX.parquet' has an invalid version number:  This could be due to stale metadata. Try running "refresh XXXXX".


Is there a reason behind this or am i understanding it wrong? 



Also i notice that all the publish statements are more often than not grouped together as follows : 


I0517 09:11:17.548977 106386] Publishing update: TABLE:1@104780
I0517 09:11:17.582988 106386] Publishing update: TABLE:2@104779
I0517 09:11:17.586165 106386] Publishing update: TABLE:3@104781
I0517 09:11:17.586362 106386] Publishing update: TABLE:4@104778
I0517 09:11:17.592391 106386] Publishing update: TABLE:5@104776
I0517 09:11:17.602597 106386] Publishing update: CATALOG:a122eeb2b432428e:80c5f5d3f78ee968@104781
I0517 09:11:17.602612 106386] Publishing deletion: TABLE:6


Is that the reason why changes are pushed with a dela?


let me know should you need more information.



Re: Catalog server publishing update with a delay after refresh

New Contributor



Can someone please help on the issue/behaviour mentioned above??