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Catch complex Hive queries before submission


Catch complex Hive queries before submission

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I am thinking of a way to assess Hive queries before they are submitted based on some anticipated process time. So assuming statistics are gathered regularly, cbo is enabled etc. what would be a good way to summarize all the info 'explain select.... ' spits out into 1 KPI.

The eventual aim is to assign high costs queries into a separate queue (mapreduce) and low cost to Tez.



Re: Catch complex Hive queries before submission

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You can look at the Hive hooks. I.e. you can write Java classes which are called before/after/on failure according to how you configure the proper variables in Hive configuration. Here you can find some slides about them:

Here you can also find an article with an example about how to change the queue a query is submitted to:

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