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Cell level security


Cell level security

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I'm testing out cell level security with hbase.  It appears to be working for me as it should.  i.e. I can do a put on a cell and give it a visibility label and doing a scan on it either returns it or it doesn''t depending on my authorizations.  I'm curious though - how can I determine what visibility label it stored for a cell?  Either through the shell or the API?  i.e. if I attached a visibility label to a cell of ( secret | topsecret ) & !probationary, how would I be able to retrieve this label through a scan?  (provided of course I had that authorization).  Accumulo stores the visiibility label as part of the key and return it when you do a scan.




Re: Cell level security




How did you get visibility labels working? I have set the hbase.coprocessor.master.classes to the VisibilityController and done the same for hbase.coprocessor.region.classes. However, when I try to 'add_labels' I get Visibility labels feature is not available.