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Chaining NIFI Processors

Chaining NIFI Processors

New Contributor

Hi, I have a requirement to do the following in NIFI

  • Get SMB file
  • Do some processing on the file
  • Push the data to an API endpoint.
    • To push the data to the API endpoint I need to get an auth token first and then push the file along with the auth token as part of the second request. 

I have all this working individually but I am unsure how to chain the process groups together so that when I do the file processing I can initiate the first API request to get the token and then send the file with the second request all in the same flow.
I have tried the Wait/Notify processors but this is running in a clustered environment and the results were very inconsistent so I have decided against this.
FetchFile is also not an option as the SMB share is on a remote filesystem so the NIFI nodes cannot access it without using GETSMB
Any help is very much appreciated