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Change AMI used for autoscaling

Is it possible to change the AMI that will be used when scaling a cluster through Cloudbreak?

Here's the longer scenario:

- Using a custom AMI that has various hardening changes applied, let's call it AMI-11111

- I build a cluster using this AMI, everything is good.

- Over time, we apply various OS patches, primarily to address security vulnerabilities.

- If we need to scale the cluster in the future, it will use the original AMI, which will have the vulnerabilities. Instead, would prefer to use an updated AMI (i.e AMI-22222) that already has the security patches applied.

Is this possible? Or is there a better way to handle this scenario?


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This will be a new feature in CB 2.8 and will work exactly as you've described.

Nice! Is there a ballpark estimate on when 2.8 will be available? Not looking for an exact date or anything, just a sense for when it might be out. Thanks again

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Really soon, hopefully in August.

@Matt Cable

If you are willing to complete some very easy manual steps, there is another way to go, as Cloudbreak uses separate autoscaling groups for each hostgroup:

You should:

  • notice the AMI is of your custom, updated AMI and the original AMI
  • for each region you use, search the available LaunchConfigurations in the given region created with the original AMI
  • create a copy based on each found such LaunchConfiguration, with two differences:
    • The name should be renames
    • The ImageId should be set to the id of your new AMI
  • Search for all the AutoScalingGroups created with the previously found LaunchConfiguration
  • Update the found AutoScalingGroup by replacing the original LaunchConfiguration to the newly created one with the migrated AMI-id
  • Deletes the original LaunchConfiguration

After these steps, all your subsequent upscales will use your new AMI.

Hope this helps!