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Change Data Capture - How to integrate structured data (without timestamp) from RDBMS (Mainframe - DB2) into HDP?

New Contributor

Hi, I have a simple requirement to ingest data from the source RDBMS into the target data lake on HDP. There are a few tables in the source data, which do not have a timestamp column - but are frequently accessed and updated (Updates, Deletes and Inserts). I am looking at alternatives to enable Change Data Capture functionality for these tables in the source data.

Source RDBMS - IBM DB2

Target - HDP Data Lake

Researching for the same online - I have found a few tools such as Oracle GoldenGate and Attunity Replicate. Additionally, I am considering using Talend as an alternative to these tools. Any implementation experience or ideas/suggestions on the same would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.