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Change default admin password on Ranger UI without Ambari and update usersync + plugins



I have changed the default admin password to access Ranger UI. Without using Ambari, what needs to be done to update this passwords in other elements like the usersync and a plugin? I cannot find any option to set in any of the files to set up the new value.

Where is stored the tuple admin/admin in all the Ranger elements?

I used the new user/password with CURL and works fine, but don't know where admin/admin is set by default.



Super Mentor
@Miguel Sempere

In an ambari managed clusters the config changes should be pushed only via Ambari UI / Ambari APIs / Ambari utiities like Manual changes to the configs on individual hosts / in the individual components DB will not be known by Ambari hence ambari will try to push the same Config which is stored in it's DB while component next restart (like next Ranger Restart ambari will use the config which is stored in int DB to start the component).

Hence you should make changes via Ambari.


@Jay Kumar SenSharma I'm not using Ambari at the moment.

Trying to setup the system without Ambari, that makes everything a bit more difficult.

Any idea how to do it without it? Or is not possible?

@Jay Kumar SenSharma

Any info for non Ambari managed clusters?