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Change service configuration in Ambari Server UI



I want to increase my namenode Java heap size.

I put the namenode in maintenance mode, but configs are still disables. I even turned off all HDFS services. but it didn't work either.

any Idea?


Super Mentor

@Sara Alizadeh

Can you please explain in detail like what do you mean by "configs are still disables" ?

In order to change the Heap Size configuration you do not need to Put the NameNode in Maintenance mode.

Can you please share the screenshot of the issue?


@Sara Alizadeh

Did you mean after enabling maintenance mode on namenode, you can not edit the config changes from ambari ? Please note Without enabling maintenance mode you can change the java heap size. Please see article [1] which talks on how to set namenode heap size. Also, see thread [2] which also talks on same.