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Changing the Hue context path from 'host:8888/' to something else like 'host:8888/hue/'

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We have a requirement to make Hue available through the customer's IBM Web Portal.  One of the requirements imposed on us is that Hue cannot be hosted at the root context path "host:8888/" and needs to be changed to something like "host:8888/hue/".


I am unable to find any means to do this. I have been researching to see if I can to it at the Hue/cherrypi level, Hue Load Balancer/httpd level, and even using haproxy. The closest I have gotten is using haproxy to get “host:8887/hue/” to point to “host:8888/" but it changes the browser’s url back to “host:8888/".


Any ideas would be welcome.  Thanks.




Hello asherma5,

You can configure Hue with an external load-balancer, that way it'll keep the browser on the load-balancer and does not redirect it to itself:

This is only partial solution, as it'll not solve your issue with moving Hue to a subfolder. Hue is based on django, which handles the routing for it. I'm not aware of a way to reliably relocate Django apps to a subfolder without editing the source-code.