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Checking the value of phoenix.stats.guidepost.width parameter for a hbase table ?


How to check what is the value of phoenix.stats.guidepost.width parameter for hbase table ?


@Piyush Chauhan AFAIK this is a global setting that you can configure at region server level. Or also at table level in the CONFIGURATION section. Is the CONFIGURATION section not being displayed when you describe the table? Please share the output of the describe table and your regionserver configuration.

Cloudera Employee

@piyushgauri you can try executing below query for identifying the guide_post value

select count(1) from system.stats where guide_post_key is not null and PHYSICAL_NAME='table_name';

Cloudera Employee

@piyushgauri  select count(1) from system.stats where PHYSICAL_NAME='tablename' and GUIDE_POSTS_WIDTH is not null;