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Choose right processors for a use case

Choose right processors for a use case

New Contributor


I need to process 100Go by day :

A- to merge some messages json every 2 seconds into a single message (size about 20ko)
B- to transform this json merged into another json message (same size)
C- to compute somes values on last json messsage : addition somes values, difference between 2 timestamp

About Merge, i think use processor MergeContent.
About Transform, i think use processor JOLTTransformJSON.
About Compute, i think use processor ExecuteScript.

But i'm afraid about JOLTTransformJSON performance, because it loads in memory each JSON message.
In a another side, ExecuteScript is "stream processor", so we can presume it could be a better performance to do both "Transform & Compute" ? But on usage documentation, it says processor is "Experimental: Impact of sustained usage not yet verified."

So, could could you tell me right processors for my use case for a high performance & high reliability ?