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Client Configuration Deployment Error

Client Configuration Deployment Error


Encountering following error during client configuration deployment


Can't open /run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/ccdeploy_hadoop-conf_etchadoopconf.cloudera.yarn_-3292500189129258295/yarn-conf/ No such file or directory.
++ dirname /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn
+ ROOT_DIR_NAME=/etc/hadoop
+ '[' '!' -e /etc/hadoop ']'
+ for SPECIAL_FILE in '$DEST_PATH/{taskcontroller.cfg,container-executor.cfg}'
+ '[' -e /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn/taskcontroller.cfg ']'
+ for SPECIAL_FILE in '$DEST_PATH/{taskcontroller.cfg,container-executor.cfg}'
+ '[' -e /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn/container-executor.cfg ']'
+ cp -a /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn/container-executor.cfg /run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/ccdeploy_hadoop-conf_etchadoopconf.cloudera.yarn_-3292500189129258295/yarn-conf


Re: Client Configuration Deployment Error


Hello @Johnny_Bach ,


thank you for letting us know that you had issues deploying client configurations on CDP. I have researched this topic and there is a good chance you might have problems with the alternatives. For your convenience pasting here Ben's solution [1] to this problem:

Try this on your nodes:

/usr/sbin/alternatives --display hadoop-conf

If that command does not return valid alternatives, you may be missing the following file:


If you can find a host with the file, copy it from that host to the host or hosts where it is missing.


Please let us know if it resolved your issue.


Kind regards:




Ferenc Erdelyi, Technical Solutions Manager

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