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Clients Disconnected After A Few Hours of Sending Data to NiFi's ListenTCP

New Contributor

Good day. I am new to NiFI and is trying to setup an environment wherein 5 senders with different IP addresses are sending data to a specific port bound to a ListenTCP processor. The senders are sending data via TCP for about every 3 minutes and is working fine. But after a few hours of running, all of them are not sending data anymore, seems that they got disconnected. But if I try to stop and then start the ListenTCP again, the clients now starts sending data. Anyone encountered this behavior? Attached are the initial configuration of ListenTCP.

I've observed that there are some data going in sometimes. Seems that NiFi limited the inbound data after a lot of data sent for hours. During the times that ListenTCP does not receive any data, I've tried sending data manually every 2 seconds from my local computer but ListenTCP does not receive any data.




New Contributor

By checking the NiFi logs, seems that the clients are being rejected because the max connections have been met. I've already increased the max connections options to a higher value and will observed its behavior. Thanks!

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