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Clients re-install every time Services are started from Ambari console

Service Clients are getting installed every time I used to start all services from Ambari console. HDP 2.6.0 version has been deployed in this case.



Super Mentor

@Victor Sarkar

This is as per current design of Ambari. Whenever we start a service the service clients Install message appears in the UI operational logs.

If the client binaries are already installed on the host then it wont reinstall the clients actually so that operation is pretty fast. As you will see the message like means existing packages will not be reinstalled. In this phase various symlinks are checked using the "conf-select dry-run-create" approach

Skipping installation of existing package xxxxxx


New Contributor

Hi, I'm facing the same problem and it is not trivial because the operation checks the repo and my datanodes has not access to the web, so it breaks.