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Cloud break Hortonworks deployment into cloud... (HDP & HDF)

I would like to know how to upgrade the HDP cluster into cloud deployed through cloud break?

Additionally, is it possible to install HDF AND HDP together into cloud if yes how?


Expert Contributor

Hi @Pankaj Singh,

For now we don't have a solution for upgrading the cluster deployed with CB. We would like to include this feature in the upcoming releases.

It's not supported from CB to install both HDP and HDF in the same cluster.

Is their anyway to deploy HDP & HDF together in cloud?

@Pankaj Singh

According to the documentation, it is a new feature of HDF 3.2. to be co-located and managed by a single Ambari

"HDF and HDP can now be run in the same ecosystem. This means that HDF and HDP can be managed using the same version of Ambari – all security policies can be shared from a single Ranger instance, components can share a common security gateway via a single Knox instance and a single Apache Atlas instance can be used for all the metadata and governance services for both HDP and HDF components. Managing both components in the same instance ensures that errors are limited and there is no longer an operational burden to keep two instances of Ambari in sync."

There is no such blueprint in Cloudbreak yet, but until then you can start with an HDP cluster and complete the other steps necessary via recipes.

Hope this helps!

I looked at this document. i guess it's for on-premise servers. What about cloud? will cloud break support it.

Latest cloud break supports HDP 2.6 and HDF 3.1.

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