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Cloudbreak-Can't createcluster on gcp

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I've followed these steps: to import the Cloudbreak Deployer GCP Image (cloudbreak-deployer-1.2.1). I've also done the service account and the ssh key pub.

I have these features: -Region: Western Europe

-Availability Zone: europe-west1-b

-Setup Network and Security: default-gcp-network and all-services-port

-Any kind of Blueprint and template (I've tried with my own blueprints and with predefined blueprints)

-Hdfs file system

When I am creating and starting my cluster, I get this error:

/cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | 2016-04-13 14:13:22,178 [reactorDispatcher-8] handleClusterSync:469 ERROR c.s.c.c.f.s.Simple FlowFacade - [owner:d3df3e57-9beb-496a-b140-db70ccd7f52b] [type:STACK] [id:5] [name:cluster] Exception during clust er start sync!: Failed to read file: /certs/stack-5/ca.pem

/cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | 2016-04-13 14:13:22,188 [reactorDispatcher-8] consumeError:108 DEBUG c.s.c.c.f.AbstractFlowH andler - [owner:d3df3e57-9beb-496a-b140-db70ccd7f52b] [type:STACK] [id:5] [name:cluster] Delegating throwable to ev ent's error handler. Event: Event{id=null, headers=null, replyTo=null, key=CLUSTER_SYNC, data=com.sequenceiq.cloudb reak.core.flow.context.StackStatusUpdateContext@4112bae4}, Exception message: {} /cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.core.CloudbreakException: com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.core.Cloudbrea kSecuritySetupException: Failed to read file: /certs/stack-5/ca.pem /cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | at com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.core.flow.service.SimpleFlowFacade.handleClusterSync(SimpleFlo ~[cloudbreak.jar!/:na]

I've searched for the ca.pem but it is not. I've copied different certs and renamed to ca.pem and then I get this error:

/cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | 2016-04-13 14:17:03,873 [reactorDispatcher-14] handleClusterSync:469 ERROR c.s.c.c.f.s.Simpl eFlowFacade - [owner:d3df3e57-9beb-496a-b140-db70ccd7f52b] [type:STACK] [id:5] [name:cluster] Exception during clus ter start sync!: Cannot connect to Ambari https://null:443/api/v1/ /cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | 2016-04-13 14:17:03,936 [reactorDispatcher-14] consumeError:108 DEBUG c.s.c.c.f.AbstractFlow Handler - [owner:d3df3e57-9beb-496a-b140-db70ccd7f52b] [type:STACK] [id:5] [name:cluster] Delegating throwable to e vent's error handler. Event: Event{id=null, headers=null, replyTo=null, key=CLUSTER_SYNC, break.core.flow.context.StackStatusUpdateContext@32ad87e0}, Exception message: {} /cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.core.CloudbreakException: com.sequenceiq.ambari.client.AmbariConne ctionException: Cannot connect to Ambari https://null:443/api/v1/

I can see that cloudbreak.jar is missing, I've looked for and I found in different paths like this: /var/lib/docker/overlay/1efce8ea127b3d6f5ce5753e1c9be3d6206b8be43f6fb36957351c90ca9a4e84/root/cloudbreak.jar

In the Google Cloud Platform, in the Networking section (Networking --> Firewall rules), I've added a new one that allowed all ports that appeared in the instructions and in the Profile file, due to the fact that at the beginning I couldn't connect to the 3000 port.

Can any one help me please?

Thank you


Re: Cloudbreak-Can't createcluster on gcp

Expert Contributor

Hi @Angela Marques

Could you please send me the whole log file in email and I will check the issue?