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Cloudbreak and HDF3 - can you do it?


I want to install HDF3 in Amazon AWS. It seems to me that I could set things up manually or I could use Cloudbreak. However all the documentation I have seen tells me that Cloudbreak does HDP. Would I be right in thinking that it should be able to install HDF3.0 fine if it has the right Ambari Blueprints?

What are the options right now?

My fallback position is to

1) Use Cloudbreak to install HDP in AWS

2a) install HDF3 on the existing (newly created) HDP cluster.


2b) use Ambari to remove all services, remove ambari, and then install HDF3 on the created VMs as if they were new

However I do not know if I should use an AMI already in Amazon, or build the Cloudbreak machine myself.

Has anyone done this?


@Alex McLintock

Unfortunately HDF integration in Cloudbreak is a work in progress now with a Blueprint configuration aspect as well as a Cloudbreak code modification aspect.

If you are looking to demo just NiFi on an HDP cluster, then you can use this: It is unsupported and not intended for production uses though.

If you would like to install HDF 3.0 into an existing cluster, you can follow this tutorial. There is a separate tutorial for installing to a new cluster.

Hope this helps!

@Alex McLintock

Good news is that Cloudbreak HDF support is going to be part of next release!

In the meantime if you think your original question was answered, could you please consider accepting it?