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Cloudbreak private image not found on Openstack


I want to deploy HDP with a private image but i have an error message : Image not found.

With a public image, it's working.

I created the os-images.yml with the following content :

  BHS3: test-cdb

I checked that the image existed via the glance api and my tenant name is OK.

Thanks for your help,

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New Contributor

So i've been looking at the code and i sow this :

github code

From what i see i think it is using the image API V1. And listAll in V1 list only public images. So there is no solution since i'm not able to publish a public image right ? (that's really sad)

@valentin odier

You are right, unfortunately. Which version are you using? I've opened a ticket to update that and the fix might be back-ported.

@Mathieu Perochon @valentin odier

The fix for not being able to use non-public image is ready and ported back to version 1.16.5.

You can try it out with running the following commands inside the deployment directory (/var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment by default):

curl -Ls | sudo tar -xz -C /bin cbd
cbd restart

Hope this helps!

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