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Cloudbreak resources stuck in "Requested" state

Cloudbreak resources stuck in "Requested" state

New Contributor

I've got a number of instances stuck in the "requested" state in cloudbreak. It was caused by an AWS scaling issue - we hit a limit on the number of VMs - which has since been resolved by AWS so we can now add in these machines.

How does one get cloudbreak to retry the build and/or get rid of the entries in "requested" ?

If I try deleting the instance via the cloudbreak UI, cloudbreak reports "The selected instance does not exist on the provider side yet".

If I try downscaling the cluster, it gets rid of existing systems, not the ones in "requested" state.

Doing a "sync" doesn't help.

Restarting cloudbreak doesn't seem to make any difference either.

(This is cloudbreak 2.4.0)

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