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Cloudbreak with HDP3

Hi, I'm trying to deploy an HDP3 cluster using cloudbreak. I am using the blueprint provided on these forums and all seems to go well until the execution of some recipes. These are simple scripts that work on a different 2.6 cluster. Is there anything that needs to be done for recipes?



Theoretically, recipe execution has no relation to the HDP stack, it is a Cloudbreak feature, so it should work if it was working for the previous HDP version

What is your error? Can you provide UI logs and logs of cluster instance from /var/log/recipes?

Hi, after further investigation in the cloudbreak logs and ambari it seems that the issue doesn't relate to the recipe (not sure why the UI says recipe failed).

I have pinpointed the issue to setup-ldap which suggests it has something to do with the ad authentication configuration. Again this configuration works on 2.6 but fails with 3.0. I don't have access to the logs at the moment as this cluster has been terminated, but will try to run another test over the next couple of days.

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