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Cloudbreak with Multiple Availability Zones

A while ago I posted this question about Cloudbreak being able to deploy across multiple Availability Zones in AWS.

It seems that it was moving in that direction. I have just tried version 2.5 and it looks like that ability has been removed. Will this ever make it back into the Cloudbreak product?




Hi @William Prendergast,

Yes, that feature is removed from the 2.x line, at least not in the UI. I will create a feature request to implement it again.

As a workaround you can use the CLI to deploy in multiple subnets.

You have to configure your infrastructure as before, subnets in different availability zones.

On the UI before the last step of cluster creation there's a button "SHOW CLI COMMAND", you have to follow the instructions here.

Copy the json, save it in a template file and modify the field "subnetId", extend the list with comma separated subnet ids ("subnetId": "subnet-xxxxxxxx,subnet-yyyyyyyy") and run the command.

Hi @bbihari

That definitely split up hosts within a group. Is there a way to split only certain groups and keeps certain groups in the same subnet? The reason for this is that I would want to keep all of the HDFS nodes in the same AZ and spread out Zookeeper and Kafka nodes into multiple AZs.


Expert Contributor

Hi @William Prendergast, There is no way to solve your issue, because Cloudbreak uses some kind of round robin to balance nodes between multiple subnets. If you want to implement different subnet allocation strategies you have change the code here , and we are glad to merge pull requests, because your situation is make sense.

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