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Clouder Navigator response contains Invalid properties error

New Contributor

Hello everyone,


We are trying to add some custom meta data to hive table through navigator JAVA API(HiveTable object) with below details but response contains below error message. which is very generic and we not able to figure out faulty part of request.


Properties: databaseName=Sampledb, tableName=SampleTable, tags=[Profile_Name], properties={initialLoad=2016-12-01 06:49:48.384086, loadType=INCREMENTAL, description=test table description, recordCount=987654321, totalSize=78690842, lastUpdated=2016-12-01 06:49:48.384103, loadFrequency=@once, ingestionProfile=, ingestSource=141_Sampledb_SampleTable, isSecure=false, FileFormat=TEXTFILE}


Error msg : [0 : Invalid properties: Property keys must contain 1 to 50 alphanumeric characters, '_' or '-' or '.', and values must contain 1 to 500 characters. ]


kindly suggest the solution to avoid the error.