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[Cloudera 4.6] Some services and host show 'Unknown Health'


I use cloudera for a while it's very good big-data management. For a few month, I got a problem about service monitoring. Some services and host show 'Unknown health' status including mgmt itself. I have checked in mgmt-cmf-mgmt1-SERVICEMONITOR-[hostname].log.out, found "Could not find health metric data for mgmt1(SERVICE) in time series store." and "Unable to get most recent health result time for mgmt1" .


I have 4 hosts and 1 installation host. All hosts can telnet to installtion host. I try to restart all mgmt services but not help.


Please suggest me. Thanks in advance.


Re: [Cloudera 4.6] Some services and host show 'Unknown Health'


Ok, problem is solved. It's because time in each host - in my case installation host - is faster than another hosts.


Let's reset time or point to NTP server.